Sep 10

Hello world! Today I declare myself a photographer!

I’ve been talking about it, consuming myself with it and making promises to myself and others about it. The time has come to make the commitment.  Hello world my name is Michael LaSalandra and I am a photographer!  I am starting this blog today to share my adventures, struggles, victories and I’m sure my share of defeats on my journey to become a professional photographer.

I guess I should start with a little background.  I’m currently a chef  working for a fine dining restaurant in El Paso, Texas.  Before my entrance to the culinary industry I was an art major for many, many more years than should have been required for a BFA.  I loved my time in art school and have always reflected back on it as one of the most intensively creative and enjoyable parts of my life. A powerful and somewhat self-destructive love of live music played another major role in my life and personal development.  I spent a considerable amount of my youth dedicated to experiencing the concert scene across America.  It is a point of pride to me that I have seen a majority of the USA through an automobile  windshield,  on the way to yet another show, yet another wonderful night.

So now here I am, ready to go back to my first loves … art and music.